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Autoviewer online dating

Work will include feeding the pandas and helping with general day-to-day maintenance work - cleaning the pandas' enclosures and taking care of any cubs.

Giant Pandas are very strong and can be fierce, so you will not be able to handle them.

With your contribution to this project, you will be helping to preserve this national treasure of China.

Today, the Giant Panda's future remains uncertain.

It is sometimes possible to hold baby pandas, but the sanctuary usually charges an extra fee for this privilege.

You will learn about all aspects of panda life and assist the centre staff with the feeding and everyday running of the park.

Join this programme to be a part of the extraordinary work to help save China’s iconic panda species.

This will be served at the accommodation where you are able to choose from a set menu. During your free time you can either relax in the tranquil countryside or, if you feel restless, explore the region and its many treasures, such as the city of Chengdu, with its exotic teahouses, or the rock carvings of Dazu, dating back nearly 1500 years.

Please aim to depart after 2pm on the Saturday after your project concludes.

If you depart earlier than this then you may need to cover the cost of earlier transport to Chengdu.

China is a land of mesmerising and awe-inspiring contradictions.

As the world’s oldest continuous civilisation, travel around China can lead you down a path of rich antiquity.

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Meanwhile, poaching remains an ever-present threat. Conservation efforts are being made both in the field, in creating national parks and trying to prevent further deforestation, and also by captive breeding programmes which aim to release pandas into the wild to help restore and maintain a healthy population.