Ca antivirus error updating an invalidating

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Ca antivirus error updating

Guzzle did solve this, but it will only work when the files are up-to-date. PHP/blob/9465032ac5d6beaa55f10923403e6e1c36018d9c/src/Client/Client Utils.php#L36-L37 @sstok would that mean, if the latest Guzzle update was merged into the Symfony installer it would potentially resolve the problem?This is downloaded via the official site, and doesn't come from this branch.Therefore, the issue is caused by a different branch that is used to build the file through Unless anyone else can see the reference inside the installer branch?

Edit: I can't find where the file is referenced, it's in the composer file but seems to be pulled in by the downloaded by the installer.You can just include them in your php conf instead of windows if you like.SSL with PHP on Windows until version 5.6 was horribly broken (CA file not properly detected "Fallback to Windows CA cert store for peer verification if no openssl.cafile ini directive or "cafile" SSL context option specified in Windows.").I could solve this issue both in Composer and Symfony installer with this bundle of root certificates: https://se/ca/Just had to register them in my Windows certificates manager.But still "Check if your antivirus has SSL scanning enabled, disable this and try again." - doesn't seem to work even after disabled Webroot A/V.

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