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Chana garlsxvideos

Tharus farm the land of their landlord and, in return, give back half of what they produce. In June 2013, kamlaris from all over the country protested in a bid to bring an end to slavery once and for all.They want to be free from servitude and have their basic rights guaranteed.

We also meet some who are working to change the fate of kamlari girls. But hidden behind the walls of city homes, some still keep young girls as slaves called kamlaris.The girls are from the Tharu community, an indigenous group that was stripped of its land and forced into bonded labour after Nepal's first social order was introduced 160 years ago.Armed with hidden cameras, our team set out - and after just a day of searching, we found eight kamlaris.One was even locked inside the house of a local police officer.

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In the process, we realise that there are many grey areas when it comes to kamlaris and that what is good for most, is not necessarily good for all.

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