Dana grady dating

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Dana grady dating

He and his father watched games on television with a critical eye. "All right, that's enough," she would say if she found him too critical."You've beaten that horse enough."Flacco sometimes rolls his eyes or casts a doubtful smile when his father gets talking.To this day, the Flaccos gather with Steve's entire family for pizza every Friday night.

When he played pickup football with his friends, he pretended to be Joe Montana, Barry Sanders or Jerry Rice, depending on which position he occupied. Steve might tell Joe to stop playing Wiffle ball because he would mess up his baseball swing." asked his father, Steve, fielding questions from Baltimore reporters last weekend as he watched his son's face pop up on television screens in the background.Flacco was a good recruit out of Audubon High, but unlike the quarterbacks drafted directly behind him, Brian Brohm and Chad Henne, he never drew lavish attention from Southern California or Florida or Michigan.He rarely made a headline at Pittsburgh until he asked to transfer and coach Dave Wannstedt declined to release him from his scholarship.Even when his career bloomed at Division I-AA Delaware, ESPN wasn't exactly beating down the door.

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Or the play against Richmond, when he was the only one who realized he didn't have time to spike the ball and sneaked into the end zone for a game-tying touchdown. "In the business that the NFL is, those guys are looking for any flaw they can find. Blue-collar roots Reminders of draft day abounded in the Flacco house last week.