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Kondabolu responded in a Totally Biased segment, observing that the approximately 0 million USD that the State Department spends yearly sending artists to perform worldwide is far less than the US spends on war: "apparently after you spend trillions starting wars, people get angry at you." He and his younger brother Ashok performed in a monthly mostly improvised talk show together in New York City called Untitled Kondabolu Brothers Project.

Past guests have included Ajay Naidu, Aasif Mandvi, Bell, Leo Allen, Victor Vazquez (Kool AD of Das Racist), Charles Mudede and Blue Scholars.

I learned to value the joke again." Kondabolu argued that if Redskins owners and fans were unwilling to change their name away from one "stereotyping Native Americans", then the Redskins logo should change to one portraying "a severely sunburned white person".

He said: "You can say that about all politicians, but there's something about how he uses his story about being the son of Indian immigrants and then at the same time talks about how we're all Americans and should get rid of hyphenated identities [that bothers me]." which has played in comedy and film festivals around the world, including the Just for Laughs Festivals in Montreal and Chicago, and which mocks comedians who broadly exploit their ethnic backgrounds for their material.

He would exhaust them to such an extent that they would beg him to stop and promise him that they would never bully him".

While a high school student, Kondabolu repeatedly watched a Margaret Cho special on the then-new Comedy Central cable network "in awe, because up until then I had never seen an Asian-American comedian.

Early in Kondabolu's stand-up comedy career, he was willing to use stereotypes of Indians, including Indian accents, to get laughs.

He characterizes his immediately post-9/11 work as self-important political argument at the expense of humor; he credits his time in the Seattle stand-up scene with teaching him that "you need the joke.

During that period, Rand Paul criticized the "Make Chai Not War" initiative during Congressional hearings on the Benghazi controversy.

He has made several appearances on Comedy Central, including a 2008 episode of Live at Gotham, He has also appeared a number of times on British television, including on Russell Howard's Good News in 2011 and 8 out of 10 Cats in 2012.

In 2012, he had a recurring sketch as part of BBC Three's Live at the Electric hosted by Russell Kane.

In Manoj , Kondabolu portrays both Manoj, a fictional Indian immigrant comic who plays to white audiences by repeating their stereotypes of South Asians, and an Indian-American who is critical of Manoj's approach.

He made Manoj to speak to and about artists of color; as Shruti Swamy summarized, "for Kondabolu, the film is about minstrelsy-the idea of making a caricature of your background, or playing into stereotypes, not to challenge them, but to reinforce them".

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