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These people were a sort of “match-makers.” Times have changed. From the Bible, we discover that arranged marriages were the norm in the Old Testament times.

The answers Christians give depend on their denominational background. They point out the difference between dating and courting.Click here to learn more about the Christian view on dating.Nowadays, young Christian men and women have unique means of meeting and knowing each other.In discussing Christian dating, it is necessary to note from the onset that everyone feels the irresistible urge to be with someone special and to be with someone who thinks you are special. This feeling is heightened by the fact that you notice that everywhere you look you seem to find a man and woman paired off.You can't just resist the urge to have a close friend of the opposite sex and become a part of that amazing relationship a couple has.

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Let’s use this example: If a religion does not allow me to express acts of intimacy towards the man/woman whom I love, then I will not have anything to do with such a religion.

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