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Yes I need to buy a cell phone or smartphone but once I own it, I want to limit my calls as much as possible in an effort to save money.In reality we use mobile phones all the time, but in realistic terms we can limit the use substantially.You get sucked into a monthly commitment because frankly that’s just a good business model.

Petro Canada Mobility confirmed with me that no, they do not support or allow tethering or wifi hotspots with their data addon. Let me just say that I’ve had a 7-11 Speakout phone for a couple of years.

To anyone looking at PC Mobile, just be forewarned that their website and support appears to be on a completely different page than these new Superstore “in-store” mobile shops.

I spoke to many different people at many different Superstore locations trying to track down the self serve kiosks and not one location said they had them.

So right now based on my criteria I can’t look at Wind Mobile because they want an absurd per month for voice mail.

In addition they have the worst coverage out of all the pay as you go options out there. Data is something that’s critical for what I want in a pay as you go plan.

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The question I’m trying to answer is this: If you’re like me, you’re wanting a smartphone or cell phone but you simply do not want to be sucked into the monthly expense.

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