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Quest personal dating

More work obviously has to happen, but regardless of what this finally turns out to be, it is a significant find for not only Old Deer, but Aberdeenshire and beyond too.”The finds were made during the tenth excavation carried out by the Book of Deer project.

The work has been led by Ali Cameron, of Cameron Archaeology, who made the discoveries on her fourth excavation in the Old Deer area.

Bruce Mann, archaeologist for Aberdeenshire Council, said: “This project has for many years worked hard to identify the location of the lost monastic site.

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Potential evidence of a previously undiscovered building was made after she switched focus from fields around the village to land close the nearby Deer Abbey, which was built in the early 13th Century after the monastery ceased to be used.

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We had to wait another 200-300 years after the Book of Deer to find any more evidence of written Scottish Gaelic.” Anne Simpson, chair of the Book of Deer Project, said: “The book is as significant as the Book of Kells in Dublin but it is still amazing how even people locally don’t know about it.

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