Rasputina online dating

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Rasputina online dating

Ailsa died in Surrey,on 3/9/1965,aged 75 years old.Ailsa joined the Scottish Women’s Hospitals in November 1916 as an orderly, teaming up with the strong Girton and Newnham Unit at the under canvas hospital in Salonika.Where she joined the Girton and Newnham unit as an orderly unit January 1918.The winters in Salonika were freezing and it was common for the nurses to wake up in their tents with their hair stuck to the pillows, a contrast to the summers.She was the daughter of Scottish parents, James and Sarah.

Salonika its self had in the summer of 1917 went through a horrendous time when a fire burned for 2 days, even the hospital was a one point in danger of bursting into flames.

During her time in Salonika Ruth also witnessed and assisted in saving of lives in what was know as the great fire of Thessaloniki in August of 1917 when nearly a third of the city went up in flames.

Ruth continued to support the war effort on her return home working in Cornwalls Camborne Auxiliary Hospital, Tregenna. Ruby Maud Abbott died in Salisbury , Wiltshire, United Kingdom in 1982.

Perhaps the most challenging time at Salonika was in the summer of 1916.

Before the war there was no malaria in Salonika, the marshy areas up north had few travelers during that time and the mosquitoes where confined to the that area.

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1922 records show Ailsa departing Southampton on “Canopic” en route to visit an aunt in Newark, New Jersey.

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