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Risks of sedating dogs

During the entire process, your pet will be kept warm and his vital signs and breathing patterns will be carefully monitored to ensure his safety.Anesthesia, whether for humans or pets, always comes with risks.Finally, your pet will be “induced” by giving him either an injectable medication to put him completely under, or a drug called an induction agent that will cause him to lose consciousness just long enough for a flexible rubber or plastic endotracheal tube to be inserted down his throat and into his airway.The tube is then hooked up to a gas anesthetic machine that delivers oxygen and anesthetic, which he will receive for the remainder of the procedure.If your pet needs anesthesia, talk with your veterinarian about exactly what to expect.Feel free to ask any questions that will put your mind at ease.This makes them slower to wake up and more prone to complications.

Vomiting food while under anesthesia can cause the food to be aspirated into the lungs, resulting in pneumonia or other life-threatening conditions.Many vets demand that pets are up to date on vaccinations before visiting their clinic. What is definitely not a good decision is to have the pet vaccinated while he is in the clinic for an illness – especially if the pet is being anesthetized for surgery.In the late 1980’s wild dogs were captured and vaccinated for rabies in the Serengeti-Mara.It’s always better to have to reschedule a procedure than to put your pet at risk.Next, your pet will be given pre-anesthetic medications, which usually consist of a sedative to reduce stress and, if the patient will be receiving gas anesthesia, a drug to slow down saliva production and keep the heart rate in a safe range during the procedure.

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“I have seen this happen, where two year old cats that were barbarically declawed and vaccinated both with rabies and a new Fort Dodge vaccine, a mumbo jumbo with the new hot street virus strain of Calicivirus.

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