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His response was...interesting.“I respect ‘Ye and all that, so therefore I ain’t gonna say everything all the way 100, but you know — like I said, if I’m fucking with somebody, I’m fucking with somebody,” he explained.

Kim K has yet to comment on Bow Wow's story, and it feels unlikely she will.

I blamed my lady-in-waiting, telling her that Kim probably has somebody to do the oiling up for her.

“Antithesis” is a strong word, usually reserved for grand concepts and ideas. Blame it on years spent writing about effortless French style, but I simply have a hard time relating to her unapologetic brand of sex appeal, with its accompanying lifestyle so vastly different from my own.Where Kim’s makeup routine consists of something like 50 steps, mine tallies up to five at max.Where she is comfortable “owning her sexuality” (whatever that even means), I am constantly trying to downplay mine.Only three of them turned out to be presentable, prompting a newfound appreciation for Kim and her ability to look camera-ready at all times.As only happens in New York, at that moment a group of young models walked by.

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According to him, the blooming celeb was super quiet, but that didn't stop him from making his move."Somehow we got each other's information,” Bow Wow says about how his romance with Kim K materialized. The pressure of dealing with the potential scrutiny of that romance stressed him, so he decided to keep things on the D-L.

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